• Garmin Vívosport skin irritation

    I’ve been wearing my Garmin Vívosport almost non-stop for a month, with only short breaks to take a shower or charge it up. (Gotta catch all that data!) Everything seemed fine until today.

  • InBody, 21% Body Fat

    The InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer measures body fat using the same basic principle as a home bathroom scale: electrical conductivity. However, this machine uses much more sophisticated technology.

  • A visit to the Doctor

    Since seeing the results of my DEXA scan, I couldn’t shake that dire warning:

    You may want to discuss this with your health care provider.

  • Duplicate Data from Strava

    I’m using Strava to track my walk, run, and bicycle activities. Luckily for me, Strava has built-in integration with Apple HealthKit, so my daily Active Energy (calories used during exercise) is automatically copied into the Health app. There’s just one tiny problem…

  • Owning My Fitbit Data

    It’s time to take the data back. As described in yesterday’s post about the Fitbit Aria2 smart scale, I’ve been tracking my weight for a while in the Fitbit App. It should be easy to copy the data into the Health app on iOS, right? Not so fast.

  • Fitbit Aria2, First Impression

    Now that I’m on a journey to reduce my body fat percentage, I need better measurements to assess my progress. I’m still skeptical of digital bathroom scales that claim to measure body fat, but is there anything better?

  • DEXA scan, 29% Body Fat

    Almost one third of my body is fat. Whoa. But first, let’s step back a couple weeks to see what led to this.

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