• Axios vs. Superagent vs. Request

    I’ve been poking around the different HTTP agents, and I think axios is my favourite compared to request or superagent.

  • Visidata

    Visidata is a totally awesome tool for exploring table-structured data such as CSV and TSV files.

  • Serverless

    I’ve been tinkering with Lambda in a VPC and I’ve come to a conclusion: Lambda in a VPC is unacceptably slow for serving interactive requests. There’s a 10 second cold start that happens as often as twice an hour.

  • Secure HTTP Redirects

    I have a simple goal: set up some HTTP redirects. How hard could that be?

  • Duplicate Data from Strava

    I’m using Strava to track my walk, run, and bicycle activities. Luckily for me, Strava has built-in integration with Apple HealthKit, so my daily Active Energy (calories used during exercise) is automatically copied into the Health app. There’s just one tiny problem…

  • Owning My Fitbit Data

    It’s time to take the data back. As described in yesterday’s post about the Fitbit Aria2 smart scale, I’ve been tracking my weight for a while in the Fitbit App. It should be easy to copy the data into the Health app on iOS, right? Not so fast.

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