Since seeing the results of my DEXA scan, I couldn’t shake that dire warning:

You may want to discuss this with your health care provider.

So I went to the walk-in clinic and attempted to share my concerns. However, this doctor had different ideas. He was astounded that I had independently sent myself to get a DEXA scan without being motivated by any apparent clinical condition. He took no interest in the results that I brought in, and in short order I was sent away to get routine blood tests. Okay, whatever. So much for that.

Oh, and for some reason the doctor suspected I have hypothyroidism, which seems outrageous to me because one of the common symptoms (being chronically cold) is the exact opposite of my lived experience.

For my first visit to the doctor in a decade, this was not a positive experience.

UPDATE APRIL 29: I definitely don’t have hypothyroidism. 💁‍♂️