I’ve been wearing my Garmin Vívosport almost non-stop for a month, with only short breaks to take a shower or charge it up. (Gotta catch all that data!) Everything seemed fine until today.

While working I noticed a painful sensation on my arm, as if I had been burned by touching something hot. I removed the Garmin band and found my skin in this condition.

garmin skin irritation

It looked and felt like a burn, but it was really just skin irrtation from the silicone sport band. After doing a bit of reading, I decided to change my habits in a few ways:

  • I’ll stop wearing the band when I’m sleeping. Unfortunately that means missing out on my sleeping data.
  • When wearing the band casually I’ll leave it on a very loose setting. It might not be tight enough for heart rate, but it still works for movement tracking.
  • Only tighten the band during activities where I want to collect heart rate data.
  • Make sure to frequently wash the band with soapy water. (Might as well do that in the shower since I’ve already taken it off.)

MAY 30 UPDATE: After not wearing the Vívosport on this wrist for three weeks, the redness has completely subsided. However, a strange dark mark remains.