It’s time to take the data back. As described in yesterday’s post about the Fitbit Aria2 smart scale, I’ve been tracking my weight for a while in the Fitbit App. It should be easy to copy the data into the Health app on iOS, right? Not so fast.

Although Apple provides an excellent API called HealthKit to enable sharing health data between apps on a device, Fitbit has no interest in playing nice with Apple. To my great surprise, Fitbit does not support Apple HealthKit at all, in any way, for either import or export of data.

Of course, many other people have run into this problem before me and there is already an excellent third-party application called Sync Solver by Redshift Development that can grab data from the Fitbit app and copy it into HealthKit on iOS both retroactively, and every day on an ongoing basis. It’s not free, but among the tools I tried it’s the only one that worked.

Now I can grant other apps on iOS (especially the nutrition tracker Cronometer) access to my up-to-date weight data. 👍